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"I completely fell in love..."

Recently, I ordered a candle from Infused Soy Candles and it was beyond words. The candle scent Havana, I completely fell in love when I took the top off the candle jar, so much that I started burning it right away. It was so soothing and the scent created a peaceful aroma that moved me.

I burned that candle every single day for 2 weeks straight and I burned it all! I have since then reordered more of the Havana scented candle to last me longer this time!

Hope Collier | Havana | X-Large

"Fragrances that smell so yummy"

I’m in love with Infused Soy Candle. The candles come in many different fragrances that smell so yummy. They burn evenly and the fragrance lasts until the end.

Michelle Covington | Bliss | X-Large

"Candle smells amazing"

Infused Soy Candle smells amazing. The lemonade lavender is so relaxing.
Beautiful jars…

Yvette Newman | Lemonade Lavender | X-Large

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